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First Strike of The Falklands


Vulcans, Victors & Cuba


TSR2 The Untold Story


Cold War RAF Bomber Force


Sea Vixen belly-landing at Yeovilton



A pilot had a lucky escape after the last remaining Sea Vixen plane, known as the Foxy Lady, did an emergency landing at an airfield in Somerset. The pilot was unharmed after the aircraft, which served in the Royal Navy in the 1960s, did a ‘belly–landing’ on return to its base in Yeovilton on the 27th May 2017. The pilot touched down without landing gear after flying back from the Duxford Air Show in Cambridgeshire. The aircraft had taken off at 4.15pm to return an hour and 10 minutes later. On return from Duxford there was radio communications between the tower and the pilot asking for visual of the landing gear.

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