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History of Aviation

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019
Speaker: Ernie Ball
The history of aviation by Ernie Ball who has had a long career in aviation as a pilot and training. The talk is an abbreviated history of flight that doesn’t include helicopters and only touches on military aviation. It starts with the Chinese and their kites, then moves onto balloons (Montgolfier Bros, Graf Zeppelins, R100/101), followed by the Wright brothers, gliders, flying boats, piston airliners, turboprop airliners and finally, jet airliners. The talk conclude with present day civilian strategies (hub and spoke versus point-to-point) and includes the parts that local aviation paid in the history. Commencing at 20.00 hours (8pm) in the Druitt hall, off the high street, Christchurch.

Battle of the Atlantic

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019
Speaker: Henry Goodall
This presentation traces Britain’s vulnerability to the deployment of Germany’s Admiral Doenitz’ U–Boats and the counter measures forced on the Allies to defend the shipping lanes, to keep the supplies coming to Britain from the USA and elsewhere, during WWII. The U–boats, the convoy system, the escort vessels, the aircraft, the losses and the cost of the campaign that was the longest in WWII, lasting six years, are all described, together with the eventual victory, won by a variety of different means, on land, sea and in the air. Commencing at 20.00 hours (8pm) in the Druitt hall, off the high street, Christchurch.


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Aviation Related Talks

Meetings are held in the newly refurbished Druitt Hall, adjacent to the library, off the High Street, Christchurch Dorset at 20:00 hours (8pm). Charges: £10 Annual Subscription (May to May), or £3 visitors at the door. Facilities: Toilets and Disabled Access. Refreshments of coffee, tea and biscuits are served during the evening for 50p. We would be delighted to welcome you, your family and friends.




The Society was formed as the Sea Vixen Society in 1983 to commemorate and celebrate the aviation history of Christchurch and to enable like-minded Aviation enthusiasts to meet, be entertained and have a chat on a regular basis - a format which is very much the heart of the Society today.


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